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Personnel Certification

ASME has been setting the standard in personnel certification for over two decades. Acting by request of federal agencies, ASME provides particular industries with a uniform standard for evaluating professional competency. Nearly 3,000 professionals throughout North America have achieved these respected credentials for themselves, while bringing back to their sponsoring organizations best-practices for improving operational safety and efficiency.

ASME Personnel Certification

ASME PC Notice

ASME PC is a certification body that operates utilizing ISO/IEC 17024, ANDE-1, and NQA-12008/2009 in its certification scheme development and implementation. ASME PC Certification programs are open to all interested individuals that are able to meet the requested programs minimum requirements. These requirements are outlined in ASME ANDE-1 Standard. ASME PC’s programs are maintained by the collection of fees from the various Certifications.

ASME PC in collaboration with Specific Industry Sector (SIS) Subject Matter Experts (SME) are responsible for the follow procedures within the Certification Process.

  • Develop and maintain the ASME PC certification Programs Certification of NDE examiners and QC personnel
  • Administration of certification
  • Approve training and examination centers
  • Auditing of training and examination centers
  • Preparation and carrying out of examinations

ASME PC, as the certification body is legally responsible for all certification activities related to this program.  In doing so, ASME PC, as the sole legal entity, is therefore responsible for all decisions related to this program including, application process, program scope and its possible future expansion, approving individuals certification,  overseeing the renewal process and the termination of an individual’s certification is needed.  ASME PC also maintains the right to change the program to ensure current industry needs are met.

ASME PC understands the importance of confidentiality and maintaining impartiality in its processes, polices, programs and procedures as it pertains to certification.   ASME PC will maintain the individual’s information and test results confidential to the extent permitted by the applicable legal Jurisdiction. The Certification program is vetted by ASME PC and its committees to ensure that all aspects of the program offer equal opportunity to all applicants throughout the entire certification process.  ASME PC employs Due Process, if an individual has a disagreement with the results of their certification, they may submit a written statement to the ASME PC staff Secretary of the appropriate Certification Committee, for consideration by ASME PC, as part of its evaluation of your application.   In order to maintain impartiality and avoid any possibility of conflict of interest, ASME PC records, documents as audits this certification program on a yearly basis. 

All individual certification records related to this program are maintained by ASME PC.  Records that are held by ASME PC will contain but not limited to the following information;

  • Individual’s application
  • Test results
  • Qualification Card
  • Date Certificate issued
  • Suspension or withdrawing certification
  • Renewal Date

All records held by ASME PC related to certification programs follow a strict policy of confidentiality between ASME PC and the individual. 

 ASME PC will post on their website the name, certificate number, certified methods, and expiration dates of the individual that has successfully been certified.   All detailed information regarding this program will be accessible to all interested parties and listed within the ASME PC pages. 

As part of ASME PC’s due diligence, security measures are in place to ensure that all data for testing material, whether it be electronic or print as well as test specimen are secure at all times and all pro-active measures are in place to prevent any breech.   Security measures will be reviewed during all scheduled program audits. 

In order to prevent any fraudulent activity during the examination process, ASME PC will require that each applicant;

  • Sign a non-disclosure agreement
  • Present proof of identification

To further prevent fraudulent activates ASME PC will also;

  • Have an invigilator / examiner present during testing
  • Constant review of results to find any sign of cheating
  • Maintain tests and practical demonstration specimens in secure area at all times.

For a complete overview of the ANDE certification program including scope and certification scheme, please visit www.asmepcllc.org/ande-index.html

ASME PC's Development Process

ASME PC offerings are developed in a consensus by volunteer committees, which are comprised of experts in industry, government, and academia, representing a balance of interests. These committees operate in a fully open and transparent manner, striving for practical and applicable approaches that support public safety and reflect industry best-practices. Offerings from these committees are subject to public review, and are responsive to industry and regulatory needs.

About ASME PC Certification

More programs for ASME Personnel Certifications are under development. Check back to these pages regularly for updates.

For specific information or questions on ASME Personnel Certification: Phone 1-212-591-8591 or Email: certification@asme.org

GDTP - Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Professional Certification (Coming Soon)

ASME GDTP Certification provides the means to recognize proficiency in the understanding and application of the geometric dimensioning and tolerancing (GD&T) principles. The standard which provides the body of knowledge for this exam is the ASME Y14.5-1994 Standard. There are two certifications within this program, Technologist and Senior.

QRO - Certification for Municipal Solid Waste Combustion Facilities Operators (Coming Soon)

The ASME QRO Certification Program covers operators of facilities that combust Municipal Solid Waste (MSW). The QRO Certification Program is based on the ASME QRO-1 -2005 Standard for the Qualification and Certification of Resource Recovery Facility Operators. The program is intended for operators of facilities with or without heat recovery.

ANDE – ASME NDE and QC Inspection Personnel Certification

ASME's NDE/QC (ANDE) certifications document your knowledge NDE and QC knowledge.

ASME Personnel Certification, LLC

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